11 April, 2017

Sugar Free Hot Cross Buns!

Easter is fast approaching with all its delicious treats! We all love a chocolate egg (we recommend dark chocolate as it’s lower in sugar- Green and […]
14 March, 2017

Sensitive teeth

Are you avoiding eating or drinking cold or hot foods and drinks, due to pain or sensitivity? Sensitive teeth are one of the most common dental […]
31 January, 2017

What makes the perfect smile?

What makes the perfect smile? Each smile is unique and individual but a huge part of how beautiful a smile looks like lies on the appearance […]
19 January, 2017

Interview with Dr Jennifer Nicholls

What inspired you to get into dentistry? My inspiration to get into dentistry – As a teenager I had incredibly misaligned teeth. I was a thumb […]
30 December, 2016

Top 10 tips to cut down on sugar in 2017!

Top 10 tips to cut down on sugar in 2017 Sugar is everywhere. Sweet, savoury, spicy, low-fat…so often we find that the food and drinks we […]
7 November, 2016

Olivia’s Peru Trek

Our patient Olivia, set herself the challenge of trekking the Inca Trail in Peru in aid of The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, a charity we […]
24 September, 2016

Interview with Dr Naveed Maan

What inspired you to get into dentistry? It is science based and has a massive practical element to it, coupled with advancements in digital workflow the […]
19 August, 2016

Dental & TMJ surgery

During a check-up with Dr Gina Vega, I was told my wisdom teeth didn’t have much space to grow and that I would encounter problems with […]
8 August, 2016

Do I need to floss? Blog by hygienist Amy Stevens

Following articles in various national newspapers recently there has been an increased interest in the topic of flossing. There have been headlines stating that flossing teeth has […]
12 July, 2016

Osteopathy at Bishopsgate Dental

Osteopathy is a primary healthcare system, complementary to other medical practices. It is suitable for almost anyone and can contribute to alleviating an enormous range of […]
27 June, 2016

Hygienist Amy Stevens Interview

What inspired you to get into dentistry? I started my career as a dental nurse but knew early on that I wanted to take on more […]
21 June, 2016

Keeping your oral and overall health in check this summer!

Summer has finally dawned upon us (though it may not seem entirely like it with all this torrential rain!), but nevertheless we have barbeques, picnics and […]
11 May, 2016

Instilling good oral hygiene habits in children

  As parents and caregivers, you are your child’s role model. In order to pass on good, healthy habits, you need to be well informed yourself. […]
9 March, 2016
Alexandra Day Clinician

Mouth Cancer- Blog by Dr Alexandra Day

What is mouth cancer? Cancer of the tongue and oral cavity are the most common forms of mouth cancer, followed then by the throat, lip, neck […]
7 March, 2016

Interview with Dr Gina Vega!

What inspired you to get into dentistry? I decided to become a Dentist when I was 8 years old, don’t ask me why but I just […]