What inspired you to get into dentistry?

I started my career as a dental nurse but knew early on that I wanted to take on more responsibility and be able to treat my own patients. I worked alongside other hygienists and saw what an important part of the dental team they were. I really admired what they did and how the job offered a chance to help and educate people.


What is your typical day to day?

I really enjoy my role as everyday is different, it usually involves wearing many different hats which keeps things interesting!

08.30 – Arrive at work to set up my surgery ready for the day and check my patients notes for the day ahead; checking any treatment needed which could be a simple scale and polish, more advanced periodontal treatment or cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening or air polishing.

09.00 – First patient

  • Go over health history, ask about any concerns.
  • Carry out an examination which includes a tissue check and oral cancer screening.
  • Assess the health of the gums and discuss an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Scale teeth
  • Polish & floss & go over every tooth for decay/cracks/irregularities
  • Provide oral hygiene instruction and nutritional advice specific to the patient
  • Write in chart everything done/discussed
  • Clean the surgery and set up ready for the next patient

09.30 – Patient (repeat ALL of above every time)

10:00- Patient

10.30 – Patient

11:00- Patient

11.45 – Patient

12.30 Patient

LUNCH 1:00-2:00

During lunch I tend to stock my room/Sterilize/Set up for the afternoon session

2:00 – Patient

2:45 – Patient

3:15 – Patient

3:45 – Patient

4:15 – Patient

5:00 – Patient

5.30- Patient

Close down room/take out rubbish/sterilize instruments/clean the surgery/prep for the following day.

I am usually given 30-45 minutes per patient or sometimes an hour for advanced treatment.

My days always very busy but this being said…I like the fast pace and I enjoy what I do.


What is your favourite thing about being a hygienist?

I love my job as everyday is different as the needs and desires of every patient differs so my approach is always varied.

I enjoy the challenge of motivating my patients to make small changes in their daily routine that make huge differences to their health.

I enjoy the skill my job entails. The job can, at times, be quite stressful with the time pressures and the intense concentration that is required for many hours in such a small area. But generally my days are full of wonderful people, all very different, with whom I build such a rapport, I never get bored.

My job is rewarding and satisfying because I am involved in improving patients health which ultimately improves their well being.

I love working at Bishopsgate because it is an innovative practice which is always growing and using the latest ideas which allows me to experience new ideas and grow as a clinician.


What is one piece of advice you would give to a budding hygienist?

I would recommended those interested in becoming a hygienist to work as a dental nurse first. This allows you to experience the field first and it gives you a basic dental knowledge before going to university which makes life a lot easier as there is a lot to learn. If you can’t get a job assisting at the very least shadow someone in the field.

The course is heavily science based so having science A levels also helps.


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