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City of London Dental implants

Improve your confidence and feel good about your smile

Dental Implant Bridge at Bishopsgate Dental Care in London

Why choose dental implants?

  • Permanent and secure once fitted
  • A more natural looking alternative to dentures
  • Require no special maintenance
  • They are fitted directly to the jaw for stability and do not require support from adjacent teeth
  • Multi-award winning dentist inc. National Dental Team of the Year 2019

Time to improve your confidence.

We’ve helped to improve the confidence of hundreds of professionals like you who live and work near Liverpool Street in the City of London.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth ask us about dental implants, call 0207 377 6762 or use our online form.

Please note: we refer patients for dental implant treatment, we do not carry out the procedure at Bishopsgate Dental Care.

It’s time to solve your missing teeth problem

Dental implants will give you back your confidence & smile

A gap in your teeth can get you down and make you feel self-conscious. You’re always aware of it.

  • Maybe you lost your teeth years ago (and for one reason or another you never got around to sorting it out) and/or
  • Realise you’re in danger of losing more teeth if you don’t fill in your gaps and/or
  • Can’t face the thought of wearing dentures

You don’t have to carry on like this... It’s time to solve your problem.

Dental implant procedure

  • A titanium dental implant acts as an artificial root
  • After we place it, it gradually fuses with the jawbone
  • Then we can fit a custom-made ceramic crown to perfectly match your teeth

Your treatment can be over and done with in months.