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If you are looking for an expert dental hygienist in London with an excellent reputation
for providing premium levels of dental care and service then Bishopsgate Dental Care in Liverpool Street can help.

As a result of our staff's dedication and service levels we been recently voted 'Best London Dental Practice'
by the National Dentistry Awards in November 2018, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Consulting A Dental Hygienist

"What’s the single most important way to make sure you have healthy teeth and healthy gums?
We believe it’s a visit to your hygienist.
And it’s one of the more affordable dental treatments.
But many people don’t realise they need to see the hygienist.
(Keep reading to find out if you need to see us.)

Why hygienist treatment?

Our friendly, skilled hygienists will “air polish” your teeth… … for that super clean feeling. We can naturally brighten your teeth - removing tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco stains. And we’ll help you to feel healthier by removing harmful plaque and bacteria from between your teeth and gums. Our hygienist Amy Stevens , can help you to feel:
  • More confident with lighter, brighter teeth
  • Fresh with a cleaner, healthier mouth
  • Secure you’re doing your best to keep gum disease at bay
  • Like you’re not alone, with the best advice on your daily teeth and gums routine - and your diet (and how it affects you oral health)

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Hygienist appointments start from £72.

Booking is easy. We’re open 8am-8pm, Monday to Thursday (and 8am-2pm on Fridays). Just call 0207 377 6762 or email

Do I need to see the hygienist?

It’s always a wise move.
Many people in the UK are affected by gum disease.
You may have gum disease without knowing it.
It’s a “silent disease” often caused by the bacteria in plaque.
And it’s been linked to medical conditions including heart disease.
Our hygienists are trained to look for, prevent and treat gum disease and tooth decay.
If you’ve noticed symptoms such as bleeding gums, swelling or bad breath… … please come and see us as soon as possible.
'Read our blog post on: Visiting the hygienist: what to expect'

Happy, healthy smile

Amy Stevens is our talented hygienist, she has worked in dentistry for more than 10 years.
She will work hard to educate and motivate you to maintain a happy, healthy smile.
We’ve boosted the confidence of hundreds of professionals like you who work in the Liverpool Street area of London.

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Booking is easy. We’re open 8am-8pm, Monday to Thursday (and 8am-2pm on Fridays). Just call 0207 377 6762 or email