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Step-by-step Invisalign® consultation in London

Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the projected final position.

Our Invisalign® consultation

Our Principal Dentist, Gina Vega, explains how she makes sure that you will get what you want from Invisalign with her thorough consultation.

I start my Invisalign consultations by asking you what is that you don't like about your teeth and makes you unhappy about your smile. In this way I can understand your concerns and worries so I can provide you with the best possible result.
I then explain what I call "the three most important things to know about Invisalign".

1. Commitment

With other dental treatments the dentist does the work for you. You lie back on the chair and get results. With Invisalign if you don't wear the aligners is not going to work! I am afraid to say that 75% of the success of your treatment would be in your hands.

2. Space

The majority of patients with crowded teeth have one thing in common: Lack of space due to collapse of the bone that holds their teeth. This can be a consequence of bad habits in childhood, like thumb sucking or using a dummy for a long time.

Another reason for crowding could be the fact that the teeth and the bone that hold them are not a good match. The bone can be a normal size but the teeth are to big or the teeth are a normal size but their bone is smaller than it should be.

To overcome this I aim to understand the real reason for the overcrowding and treat it with the right method.

Sometimes to overcome the lack of space I need to do Inter-Proximal Reduction (IPR) that consist of discreet polishing between teeth to create a space between them to then accommodate your teeth to the right position.

3. Attachments

With fixed braces you have a brace attached to every single tooth in your mouth that helps them move; with Invisalign we don't use braces but some of your teeth would have what we call "Attachments" to aid movement.

An attachment is a small amount of tooth colored material adhered to the tooth. But don't worry, as it is the same color as your teeth they are very discreet and small. At the end of your Invisalign treatment we will polish off the attachments.

The attachments have two very important functions and without them we would not be able to guarantee the outcome of your treatment.

The attachment will help with the retention and stability of the aligner.

They will also help in providing more surface for the aligner to grip/grab the tooth to help with the movement. There are many sizes and shapes of attachments to help with specific teeth movement.

After explaining all these, I will have a look in your mouth and take a scan of your teeth with our iTero 3D scanner, by the end of this appointment and within minutes we would be able to show you a 3D image of your potential new straighter smile with new technique creating an outcome simulation of your teeth.

After your initial Invisalign® consultation

Once you make the decision to have the treatment, we will take a series of photos and x-rays. These records along with a scan of your teeth will help us create a 3D video of your teeth called "Clincheck "

A Clincheck is a virtual 3D treatment plan that shows the series of movements your teeth are projected to go through over the course of the treatment.

We will invite you back at the practice to have a good look at your Clincheck. You will learn the specifics of your treatment with this video, the number of aligners needed, where your attachments will be and more importantly a very detailed image of your new smile!

Please note that each Invisalign treatment is specific to your teeth; no two treatments are the same, no two Clincheck are the same.

Once you approved the Clincheck your aligners will be produced and shipped to Bishopsgate dental care ready for you to start your Invisalign journey, one I am sure you enjoy very much!

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Free Invisalign consultation in London

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