31 May, 2018


Airpolishing is a great new hygienist treatment that quickly and effectively removes unwanted stains from the teeth to give a clean, dazzling smile in minutes. It […]
28 May, 2018
Perfect smile

Knowing Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options: A Guide to Finding the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Your smile can say a lot about your personality. Whether you’re sensual or dominant. Even when you’ve reached success. But did you also know that your […]
1 February, 2018

Bruxism Treatment Liverpool Street

In the heart of the city we have some of the highest rates of bruxism in the UK. Bruxism is a habit that can involve one […]
3 January, 2018

New Year teeth whitening offers in Liverpool Street

In our first blog of 2018, Gina and the team here at Bishopsgate Dental Care, would like to wish all our lovely patients a very happy […]
1 November, 2017

Enlighten teeth whitening in London

If you are looking for an Enlighten Teeth Whitening expert in London who can guarantee whiter teeth at an affordable price, then our award winning Liverpool […]
29 September, 2017
Botox for men in Liverpool Street, London

Botox for men in London, Liverpool Street Experts

Men it appears, have also discovered how good Botox is for making you look and feel a little younger, fresher and less stressed. The real beauty […]
31 August, 2017

Platinum Elite Invisalign provider in London

We are very proud to announce that our very own Dr Gina Vega, has recently been upgraded from a Platinum Elite to a Platinum Elite II […]
11 April, 2017

Sugar Free hot cross buns

Sugar Free treats can help you to prevent tooth decay Easter is fast approaching with all its delicious treats! We all love a chocolate egg (we […]
14 March, 2017

Sensitive teeth

Causes of tooth sensitivity Are you avoiding eating or drinking cold or hot foods and drinks, due to pain or sensitivity? Sensitive teeth are one of […]
31 January, 2017

Lip fillers for the perfect smile

Luscious lips with dermal fillers What makes the perfect smile? Each smile is unique and individual but a huge part of how beautiful a smile looks […]
19 January, 2017

Interview with Orthodontic Therapist Jennifer Nicholls

What inspired you to be an Orthodontic Therapist ? My inspiration to get into dentistry – As a teenager I had incredibly misaligned teeth. I was […]
30 December, 2016

Top 10 tips to cut down on sugar in 2017

Top tips to healthier teeth and gums Sugar is everywhere. Sweet, savoury, spicy, low-fat…so often we find that the food and drinks we consume everyday are […]
7 November, 2016

Olivia’s Peru Trek

Our Invisalign patient Olivia, set herself the challenge of trekking the Inca Trail in Peru in aid of The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, a charity […]
24 September, 2016

Interview with Dentist Dr Naveed Maan

What inspired you to get into dentistry? It is science based and has a massive practical element to it, coupled with advancements in digital workflow the […]
19 August, 2016

Dental & TMJ surgery

Wisdom tooth extraction During a checkup with Dr Gina Vega, I was told my wisdom teeth didn’t have much space to grow and that I would […]