Osteopathy in London

Is pain stopping you from getting on with your life?

Is pain holding you back?

Maybe it’s making work difficult…
… or maybe you can’t work at all.

Many of our clients first come to us in an “emergency”.

They’ve often reached the point where they can’t do their job, they can’t play sport or they can’t drive.

Some have headaches so bad they can’t look at their computer screen.

If you’re suffering from back pain, neck pain, tension headaches or other types of pain…

… our exceptional principal osteopath John Sawrey-Cookson and his team can probably help you - with hands-on treatment that gets results.

We are based at Bishopsgate Dental Care near Liverpool Street station - where the City meets one of the most creative parts of London.

So we treat hundreds of professionals like you - of all grades - who work just around the corner.

Why osteopathy?

With osteopathy from Bishopsgate Dental Care:

  • You could finally feel the transforming effects of pain relief that lets you get on with your life
  • You benefit from the expertise and experience of our osteopaths who have helped scores of professional men and women
  • It starts with a relaxing, soft tissue massage, which also helps you to unwind from the stresses of modern life (many osteopaths just manipulate joints)
  • You can feel secure you’re being treated by a General Osteopathic Council-registered practitioner who is one of the UK’s leading osteopaths
  • We can teach you to get to know your body so you can spot symptoms and future problems early
  • After an initial consultation, you get a bespoke treatment plan tailor-made to get the best results for you
  • You get cost-effective treatment that can make a huge difference
  • You can relax in a clean, friendly environment in a building with real history in the heart of Spitalfields.

Book your consultation now

Booking is easy. We’re open 8am-7pm, Monday to Friday.Just call 0207 377 6762 or email [email protected]


How does osteopathy work?

Things like the modern lifestyle, disease and illness can stop the body functioning as it’s meant to.

Our Osteopaths use their hands to mobilise your joints and relax your muscles…

… allowing your body to properly function again.

The body heals itself naturally.

Our job is to speed things up and remove any barriers to dysfunction.

Which means we can usually help you to recover faster.

Who do we treat?

We treat many clients who work in the financial district.

Because they sit down for most of the day they’re more prone to neck and lower back pain.

We also treat very active individuals who train during their lunch hour or play lots of sport.

We often help them to overcome injuries so they can carry on with their training.

We help hundreds of professionals like you to get on with their lives.

And we treat scores of professional sportsmen and women.

Our osteopaths are registered with all major health insurers including Bupa, Vitality Health, Norwich Union, Cigna and AXA-PPP.


How long do I need to see you for?

We help most of our clients to get their lives back to normal after 3-5 visits.

Clients with chronic conditions come to see us more regularly. They say their treatment significantly improves their quality of life.


John Sawrey-Cookson:

BSc Hons Osteopathic Medicine, BSc Hons Human Biology, Diploma in Naturopathy

John, our principal osteopath, has been helping clients to feel better for 14 years. Please see his full biography here.