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Composite fillings in London

Time to get your confident happy smile back

Composite Fillings
from £120
Examples of white fillings at Bishopsgate Dental Care in London

Why choose Bishopsgate for your fillings?

  • We can make you feel confident with natural-looking fillings
  • We can replace your old silver fillings
  • We can repair teeth that are cracked or damaged
  • We offer very competitive prices to make sure you get the best value for your money
  • You can feel confident you’re getting the very best treatment and care from our skilled dental experts
  • Multi-award winning dentist inc. National Dental Team of the Year 2019

Time to restore your smile.

We’re happy to have boosted the confidence of hundreds of professionals like you who live and work near Liverpool Street in London.

To arrange a white filling appointment, call 0207 377 6762 or use our online form.

Do I need fillings?

Do you feel self-conscious about cracked or chipped teeth - or noticeable metal fillings?

At Bishopsgate Dental Care we use two different types of filling to restore and repair your teeth. White fillings also known as "composite-bonded fillings" and porcelain fillings are also known as "inlay and onlay restorations".

White fillings as well as being used to replace metal fillings, can also correct problems such as:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Reshaping short or uneven teeth
  • Tooth decay and filling cavities
  • Discoloured teeth

Porcelain fillings are used when more of the natural tooth has been lost and it needs more protection.

The porcelain is bonded on to the remaining tooth structure to create a virtually-invisible filling that protects the tooth from breaking or any further damage.

This treatment is also known as "a three-quarter crown".

All our fillings are natural looking, no one will be able to tell you’ve had any treatment carried out.

The cost of fillings in London

To help keep our filling treatments as affordable as possible, we have ensured our treatment prices are extremely competitive when compared to other London dentists. Our filling prices therefore start from just £100 - please see our fees page for our latest prices and special offers.

Meet our composite and white fillings dentist

Our highly experienced principal dentist Dr. Gina Vega (GDC No: 83137) has over 15 years extensive composite and white fillings experience and is also a certified Invisalign® Platinum Elite II Practitioner.

Through hard work and dedication, Gina has gained an excellent reputation as a trusted general dental practitioner.

She has patients coming from all parts of England to be treated for various cosmetic dentistry treatments such as Invisalign and Enlighten teeth whitening.

She is also particularly passionate about preventative dentistry and working with young adults and children in the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease so they can learn how to maintain a healthy smile for life.

Principal and Teeth Whitening Dentist Gina Vega
"I went to get one of my front teeth fixed, it was chipped and I was afraid of not having the results that I was expecting. When Gina showed me on the mirror the final result… OMG, it looks beautiful! There is no better word to describe how amazing my front tooth looks. I recommend Bishopsgate Dental 100%."