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We have been recognised for our excellent team and practice at prestigious events across the city of London.

Dr Gina Vega

Visit our Dentist in London for expert dental treatment

We understand some patients feel uneasy about visiting the dentist. We can make a difference to your dental experience with the relaxing and positive atmosphere at Bishopsgate Dental Care.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with an excellent standard of private dental treatment. We’ll always give you personalised care to make your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Please meet my multi-award-winning team of highly-skilled clinicians, and welcome to our London dental practice!”

— Dr Gina Vega, Principal Dentist

Rony Khakshouri
Rony Khakshouri
Great staff, lovely dentist, good service.
Rory Bone
Rory Bone
Fantastic professional and friendly service as always
Emily Le Thuc
Emily Le Thuc
Great service from the moment you step in until you leave: friendly staff, welcoming smiles, professional and spotless service - it’s certainly helping me overcome my dread of dental appointments!
Gary Smith
Gary Smith
Friendly and knowledgeable. I always enjoy my visits to Gina and appreciate the care she and her team takes.
Wale Croft
Wale Croft
Friendly, warm, pleasant and very professional. They care - they listen!
Kieron Humphrey
Kieron Humphrey
This was my first time at Bishopsgate dental care and very impressed everyone was very friendly . I was a bit nervous about going to a new dentist and after a few minutes speaking with Dr Day had put me at ease
Jasmine Geohagen
Jasmine Geohagen
Outstanding service and treatment from Dr Alex Day. All staff are also so lovely, friendly and professional.
Nikki Bunn
Nikki Bunn
I have been going to this dental practice for about a year now and have had major restorative work done to fix my two front teeth caused by an injury. I had a consultation with Gina and she has been amazing! She planned a schedule for me and the organisation and communication between her and the receptionists was without fault which was nice. All the staff are very friendly! I had my final permanent crown and composite restoration appointment yesterday after about 6 visits including a scale and polish, whitening (so the crown matches), root canal, composite restoration on the neighbouring tooth and a permanent crown. I am extremely happy with the results. You can really see that Gina takes pride in her work and won't settle for anything less. This perfectionism is exactly what you want in this line of work when you are left with the results for a long time. She doesn't cut corners and makes you feel really comfortable during the procedure, as well as confident that she knows what she is doing. Communication is also great as certain procedures can naturally be quite uncomfortable but she puts you at ease. Big thank you to her! Overall, the experience was without fault :) and I will continue coming here.
Invisalign video

Feel More Confident with Healthier, Better-Looking Teeth

As your expert private dentist and hygienist, we can help you achieve healthy teeth and gums with our exceptional general dentistry services. Patients who want to gain confidence in their appearance may also be interested in our stunning range of cosmetic and facial aesthetic treatments.

Our talented team can give you a better-looking smile, which can boost your self-esteem. This newfound confidence may even help encourage you to go after a promotion, or introduce yourself to someone special.

Why Choose Bishopsgate Dental Care for Your Invisalign®?

Invisalign Diamond Provider

Get beautiful straight teeth with Invisalign.
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Experienced Dentists
(1000 cases treated)

Our Principal Dentist, Dr Gina Vega, is a certified Invisalign Diamond Practitioner putting her in the top 10 percent most experienced Invisalign providers in London. Gina has personally treated over 1000 Invisalign patients. She is also a speaker for Invisalign, an Align Faculty Member and participates in exclusive trials for the company.

iTero Digital 3-D Scan

We use a high-tech scanner to create a 3-D model of your teeth instead of the usual dental moulds, which are messy and painful. Once we take a scan of your teeth, you will be able to see your new potential smile with the Invisalign Outcome Simulator Pro and in Face visualization tool; this simulation will be more realistic than the one at our Invisalign Zone as it will integrate your scanned teeth.

Invisalign Zone

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How would I look with straight teeth?” Now is your chance to find out with SmileView. Simply snap a selfie and see your results within 60 seconds all integrated at our Invisalign Zone.

Invisalign Clincheck

See your new smile before treatment starts. Once your records are taken and your treatment planned by Dr Gina Vega, we will share with you a 3-D video called Clincheck. With Clincheck, we can map out the path to your smile, right down to the tiniest shift - from your first aligner to your brand-new smile.

Competitive Prices

Bishopsgate Dental Care is highly respected within the industry, and our prices are extremely competitive when compared to other experts in London.

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Learn More About Bishopsgate, Our First-Class Dentistry, and Our Outstanding Customer Service. Book a visit at our esteemed dental practice, near Liverpool Street station in the City of London, to find out how we can transform your smile.

Invisalign video

Please take a look at our video featuring Gina explaining all about Invisalign and how it works.

Enhance Your Smile

Enhance Your Smile

Bishopsgate has two teeth whitening systems available.
Boost your confidence and self-esteem with teeth whitening; it’s a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to enhance your smile.

Bishopsgate Dentists

Get Healthier Teeth

A hygiene visit is one of the more affordable dental treatments available.
Our friendly and highly skilled hygienists will “air polish” your teeth for that super clean feeling.

Improve Your Confidence

Improve Your Confidence

Book your free consultation at our London dental practice.
Here at Bishopsgate Dental Care, we offer free, no-obligation consultations for cosmetic treatments. Book yours today!

Bishopsgate Dental Care

Booking an Appointment is Easy at Bishopsgate

We are known for providing our City of London patients with premium dental care, personalised appointments, and some of the area’s finest dental practitioners. We open our doors at 8am every weekday, and close for the day at 5pm or later. You can book online or call our friendly team on 0207 377 6762.

We look forward to providing you with an impeccable dental experience.

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