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Vivera Retainers

Maintaining your straight smile is easy with Vivera retainers.

After spending so much time and investment on Invisalign, you want to be 100% sure that your teeth stay perfectly straight for as long as possible.

That’s where Vivera retainers come in. They’re custom-made to fit your teeth and help them stay in place comfortably, and the best thing about them is that they are designed by Invisalign. So without doubt they are the best, most durable retainers in the market.

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What are Vivera Retainers?

Are you tired of uncomfortable and noticeable retainers that don’t fit just right?

Your teeth will naturally move and shift over time, so the best way to prevent this is with Vivera retainers. They’re clear, discreet, and fit comfortably to your new smile, helping you keep your straight teeth without drawing attention.

These retainers are great for after Invisalign or braces, keeping your teeth in line and preventing issues from coming back. 

The best part? You don’t need a messy impression putty with Vivera retainers. No more discomfort or stress, especially for those who easily gag. Switch to Vivera retainers for hassle-free maintenance and forget about awkward impressions.

* Invisalign® treatments come with 18 months free aftercare — conditions apply.

Why are Vivera Retainers used post-treatment?

Orthodontic retention after Invisalign is just as crucial as the active phase of teeth straightening and can be done through lots of different methods, including Vivera retainers. 

Here are some of the reasons why Vivera retainers are used post-treatment:

1. Stops teeth from moving

After you finish wearing braces or aligners, your teeth might try their best to go back to how they were before. This is because the tissues around them need time to get used to the new position. But wearing a Vivera retainer stops this from happening by keeping your teeth in their new place.

2. They help your results last

Vivera retainers are really strong and sturdy compared to other retainers that wear out fast. Vivera retainers can last a long time, even years. They’re made to handle daily use without wearing down too quickly. With proper care, they can stay in good shape for around five years.

3. They’re comfortable and subtle

Vivera retainers are used because they’re clear and hardly noticeable compared to other options. This is great if you want to keep your smile looking good without people noticing your retainer. Plus, they’re designed to fit your teeth perfectly, so they feel secure and comfy whilst other retainers might not fit as well.

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Benefits of Vivera Retainers

After finishing your orthodontic treatment, keeping your smile perfect requires more than just braces. Vivera retainers are vital in ensuring your teeth stay straight and healthy for a long time after your treatment ends.

Check out the benefits below:

Bespoke retainers: Vivera retainers stand out from off-the-shelf options because they’re tailored to fit your mouth precisely as they are done with the same high standard 3D printing quality of your Aligners as they are designed by Invisalign. This makes them much more comfortable and reduces the chance of irritation or discomfort. 


Made from transparent material: Vivera retainers are crafted from a clear, thermoplastic material, which makes them almost invisible. This means you can wear them confidently in public without feeling self-conscious about your smile. 


Durable: Vivera retainers are made from top-notch thermoplastic material, which resists staining, cracking, and breaking. They’re built to endure daily wear and tear, keeping your teeth in position reliably for a long time.


Easy to wear: Vivera retainers prioritise your comfort and are made from a lightweight, low-profile material that fits in your mouth, whether you’re speaking, eating, or drinking. They’re also simple to clean and maintain, needing just a quick rinse and light brush to keep them in great shape.

Precision fit: Vivera retainers are custom-made for each person using high-tech scans and 3D printing. This means they fit your teeth perfectly to prevent movement.

* Invisalign® treatments come with 18 months free aftercare — conditions apply.

How long should you wear Vivera Retainers?

If you’re looking to invest in Vivera retainers, you might be curious about how often you should wear them. Here’s a breakdown of the recommended wear schedule for your Vivera retainers at various stages of your post-treatment journey:

Bishopsgate Vivera Retainer Guidance

4-8 weeks after treatment

In the first few weeks after treatment, wearing your Vivera retainers regularly is crucial for your teeth to adjust to their new positions. Your orthodontist might suggest wearing them for 21-22 hours each day and taking them out only for eating or brushing your teeth. This prevents your teeth from shifting out of alignment while they’re getting used to their new positions.

8+ weeks after treatment

After wearing your Vivera retainers diligently for the initial months, your orthodontist might advise wearing them for fewer hours. Usually, this means only wearing them at night while you sleep but it’s important to follow your orthodontist’s specific instructions.

12+ months after treatment

Once you’ve been wearing your Vivera retainers for over a year, your teeth should be quite stable at this point, so the chance of them moving out of alignment is reduced. However, it’s still crucial to wear your retainers every night to preserve their alignment for as long as possible.

Vivera Retainers at Bishopsgate Dental Care

At Bishopsgate Dental Care, we use Vivera retainers as part of our Invisalign process. They’re an excellent choice for maintaining your smile, post-orthodontic treatment. These clear, comfy retainers are custom-made for each patient, using advanced technology to ensure a precise fit.

Don’t risk undoing all your progress – rely on Bishopsgate Dental Care to help preserve your beautiful new smile.

We always want dental care to feel accessible to you. When booking an appointment or consultation, it’s important to us that you have options. Find out more with an Invisalign consultation.

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Gary Smith
Gary Smith
Friendly and knowledgeable. I always enjoy my visits to Gina and appreciate the care she and her team takes.
Wale Croft
Wale Croft
Friendly, warm, pleasant and very professional. They care - they listen!
Kieron Humphrey
Kieron Humphrey
This was my first time at Bishopsgate dental care and very impressed everyone was very friendly . I was a bit nervous about going to a new dentist and after a few minutes speaking with Dr Day had put me at ease
Jasmine Geohagen
Jasmine Geohagen
Outstanding service and treatment from Dr Alex Day. All staff are also so lovely, friendly and professional.
Nikki Bunn
Nikki Bunn
I have been going to this dental practice for about a year now and have had major restorative work done to fix my two front teeth caused by an injury. I had a consultation with Gina and she has been amazing! She planned a schedule for me and the organisation and communication between her and the receptionists was without fault which was nice. All the staff are very friendly! I had my final permanent crown and composite restoration appointment yesterday after about 6 visits including a scale and polish, whitening (so the crown matches), root canal, composite restoration on the neighbouring tooth and a permanent crown. I am extremely happy with the results. You can really see that Gina takes pride in her work and won't settle for anything less. This perfectionism is exactly what you want in this line of work when you are left with the results for a long time. She doesn't cut corners and makes you feel really comfortable during the procedure, as well as confident that she knows what she is doing. Communication is also great as certain procedures can naturally be quite uncomfortable but she puts you at ease. Big thank you to her! Overall, the experience was without fault :) and I will continue coming here.
Ken Ken
Ken Ken
Gina and whole staff are amazing. She has done an amazing job with my invialign and all our dental needs since. Sadly we have moved away.
Invisalign Diamond Practitioner

Dr Gina Vega, Our Invisalign Expert

Our highly-experienced Principal Dentist, Dr Gina Vega (GDC No: 83137), has been treating patients for 25 years. She is a certified Invisalign® Diamond Practitioner having personally treated over 1,000 Invisalign patients.

Gina has achieved Diamond status by treating between 175-200 Invisalign patients within the last 12 months, and she quotes this advice about Invisalign:

“When I took over Bishopsgate Dental Care, I had a clear vision of what kind of dentistry I wanted to provide my patients. I believe in prevention, and I try to be as conservative as possible. This is the reason I believe so strongly about Invisalign. With Invisalign you are using what you have, your own teeth but in a better, more beautiful position!

Invisalign is for everybody — from teenagers to young professionals trying to get ahead in their career, to people in their 50s and older.”

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Invisalign can be a truly transformative dental treatment, changing the lives of many! It’s something we take very seriously here at Bishopsgate Dental Care, which is why we have detailed information on all aspects of the treatments.


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“Had Invisalign treatment and good service throughout treatment and was happy with the results. Always a friendly team with good service — a special thank you to Jen as I had a problem with my fixed retainer placed in by someone else and she made a correction for free which was much appreciated whilst applying my new one. No complaints!”

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“I attended the clinic for an invisalign consultation and was very impressed by all of it. Every member of staff from the receptionist to the dentist were very friendly, informative and professional. They did a very thorough consultation and I feel very safe in their hands.”

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“A couple of years now since finishing my Invisalign treatment with Gina I still absolutely love my teeth and get comments about how good they are. Really happy with my widened smile — wouldn’t hesitate at recommending Gina and her team they’re all lovely”

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