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9 Expert tips for Invisalign aftercare

Congratulations on completing your Invisalign treatment and achieving that radiant smile you’ve always dreamed of! 

Now that your teeth have been beautifully aligned, it’s time to ensure they stay that way. 

Our guide to Invisalign aftercare walks you through the essential steps and expert tips for maintaining your stunning results.

Our top tips for Invisalign aftercare

There are so many benefits to Invisalign that can spur you on to start your journey. Once you’ve completed your treatment, there are lots of tips and tricks to ensure your smile stays perfect for you. 

Discover some of our helpful Invisalign aftercare tips below:

1. Wear your retainer

Just because your Invisalign treatment is over doesn’t mean you can slack off on wearing your retainer. Your orthodontist will provide specific instructions on how long and when to wear your Vivera retainer

Still, it’s usually recommended to wear it full-time initially and then transition to only at night.

Vivera retainers

2. Maintain proper oral hygiene

Continue to brush and floss your teeth regularly to prevent plaque buildup and maintain good oral hygiene. It’ll also help to prioritise cleaning your retainer daily as this will prevent bacteria accumulation.

3. Attend follow-up appointments

Don’t skip your follow-up appointments and check-ups with your orthodontist! These appointments are crucial for monitoring your progress and ensuring your teeth maintain alignment. 

It’ll also help give you peace of mind that you’re looking after your new smile to the best of your ability.

4. Watch your diet

Avoid hard, sticky, or sugary foods that can damage your teeth or get stuck in your retainer. Instead, you can choose softer, healthier options to protect your investment in your smile. 

It may help to try and cut down on foods that can stain your smile including red wine, curries and coffee.

Maintaining a health diet for invisalign aftercare

5. Stay consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to Invisalign aftercare and you should always prioritise your treatment plan, even after it’s finished. 

Make wearing your retainer and following your oral hygiene routine a non-negotiable part of your daily schedule. You can do this by setting reminders on your phone, and leaving your Vivera trays next to your bed or in your bathroom.

6. Keep your retainer safe

Always store your retainer in its case when you’re not wearing it to prevent loss or damage. Make sure to leave the case in a place you can easily access and that you’ll always know where to find out.

It’s also wise to avoid exposing it to high temperatures or leaving it where pets or children can get to it.  

7. Don’t skip cleanings

Regularly clean your retainer as recommended by your orthodontist to keep it free from bacteria and odours. 

Soaking it in a retainer cleaning solution can help eliminate any stubborn buildup and is better than manually brushing it. This is because manual brushing may be harsh on the retainer, causing breakages or chipping.

8. Avoid smoking

We often get asked – can you smoke with Invisalign? Or, can I vape with retainers in? Whilst you can smoke when you have your retainers out, smoking can lead to various issues, ranging from discolouration of the aligners to increased risk of tooth decay. 

To avoid these problems, it’s recommended to remove your Invisalign aligners before smoking. However, for heavy smokers, this practice could pose challenges as it would require keeping the aligners out for extended periods, potentially compromising the treatment process.

Avoid smoking for invisalign aftercare

9. Be patient

Remember that maintaining your new smile is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient and trust the process, knowing that your commitment to aftercare will pay off in the long run.

Make the most of Invisalign with Bishopsgate Dental Care

Your journey to a perfect smile doesn’t end when your Invisalign treatment is complete. By following an aftercare routine and incorporating these expert tips into your daily life, you can ensure that your results last a lifetime. 

Ready to take the next step in your smile transformation journey? Schedule a consultation with our experienced orthodontic team at Bishopsgate Dental Care today and discover how Invisalign can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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