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How to Find a Cosmetic Dentist and Choose One That’s Right for You

96 percent of Americans believe that a beautiful smile makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. A good first step to creating that stunning smile you’ve always desired and dreamed of is selecting a cosmetic dentist. When doing so, you want to get someone you can trust. With every dentist on the market claiming to offer cosmetic dentistry services, it’s difficult to pick out the right professional. While cosmetic dentistry is not recognized as a specialty field by the American Dental Association, it’s vital to consider the level of training and experience of a prospective aesthetic dentist before entrusting them with your smile. A well-trained cosmetic dentist who respects your goals and wishes is the right person to create a smile that you’ll cherish for many years to come. In this piece, we’re going to highlight what you need to look for when trying to find a cosmetic dentist that’s right for your needs and budget.

How to Find a Cosmetic Dentist

There are loads of criteria on which you can pick a cosmetic dentist. Some patients choose a cosmetic dentist based on cost and convenience. Be careful when going for the cheapest aesthetic dentist though. Like fine art, cosmetic dentistry requires skill and time and is usually costlier than general dentistry. However, most dentists are willing to help you find the right treatment options within your budget and current financing options where necessary. That said, here are some useful tips on how to choose a cosmetic dentist.

Determine What You Want

Before starting your search, spend some time asking yourself what exactly you want to change about your smile. Look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions:
  • What bothers you about your current smile (disfigured teeth, gum appearance, spacing, etc)?
  • What type of smile are you looking for: something more natural or a dazzling, perfect movie star smile?
It’s also important to look through magazines as well as newspapers for smiles that look attractive. Also, don’t forget pictures of when you were younger.

Ask for Referrals

Talk to people around you who’ve had cosmetic dentistry. Referrals from your family and friends are usually the best way to locate a cosmetic dentist. In addition, you can ask other dentists in your area, starting with your general dentist.

Check the Dentist’s Credentials

Even if a certain dentist shows you gorgeous photos and comes highly recommended, you’ll want to ensure that they’re qualified. Check online to find out where your potential cosmetic dentist trained, what continuing education programs were done, and what professional associations they belong to. Bear in mind that the best cosmetic dentists belong to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Ask the Dentist about Continuing Education

Not many dental schools offer general cosmetic dentistry training. Therefore, it’s vitally important for a dentist to receive post-graduate cosmetic dentistry training so they can better understand the principles. There are plenty of reputable cosmetic dentistry courses out there. The AACD provides loads of training opportunities for members.

Awards Won

Most cosmetic dentist sites list any awards earned by the dentist. By looking through these websites, you can learn plenty about a dental practice’s philosophies.

Ask How Much Time they Devote to Cosmetic Dentistry

Apart from education and practical training, it’s critical to know how long the dentist has been providing cosmetic dentistry services. Also, ask them how much of their practice is dedicated to cosmetic dentistry. Although no cosmetic dentistry specialty exists, those who do their best in the field see a considerable number of patients for restorative and cosmetic procedures.

Look for Reviews

Most dental offices have reviews on the internet from existing or previous patients. Reviews are a great way to size up a dentist and their practice, and you also can get a clue of how many patients were happy or unhappy with their services. Many reviews provide information on various areas of the dental practice, so you’ll learn loads from testimonials.

Check Out their Website

If possible, you should check out the website of the practice. This way, you’ll be able to learn a lot more about their services, and the office itself.

Check for Updated Technology

One way to find out the level of care in a cosmetic dentistry practice is to check out their dental technology. You can ask about or check for these dental technologies: CAM/CAD restoration, dental sedation, dental lasers, and intraoral imaging.

Ask to See their Before and After Pictures

Just like an artist would show off their masterpieces, a professional cosmetic dentist will showcase their best work. Simply ask to see a few examples of their work. Many dentists also upload photos of their dental work in smile galleries online. But be aware that stock and retouched before and after photos do exist online. If you’ve got questions, ask the cosmetic dentist to give you a few referrals you can personally get in touch with.

Ask How Long the Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Will Take

How long do you have to wait before your smile makeover is complete? Does the dentist have any holidays planned before your appointment? It’s important to know long the entire procedure will take so you can schedule any plans in the future.

Take Time During Your Consultation

Don’t rush the consultation. Take your time to explain your concerns clearly and listen to the recommendations of the dentist. Communication is one of the most important cosmetic dentistry tips if you want to get the best results possible.

Assess the Office Atmosphere

Since cosmetic dental work may require time in the dentist’s chair, it’s essential to ensure that you’re comfortable in the office environment. Many cosmetic dentistry offices provide movie or music options on top of other comfort amenities. Make sure to also check for the staff’s friendliness.

Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist Today

Choosing the best dental office for your aesthetic dentistry needs will make the whole experience far more enjoyable. Take your time to really examine the practices in your home area, and you’ll surely be able to find a cosmetic dentist that fits your needs. To set up a consultation at Bishopsgate Dental Care, call or email us. And if you’ve got any queries about our services, our dental professionals are glad to answer them.

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