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Interview with Dentist Dr Gina Vega

What inspired you to get into dentistry?

I decided to become a Dentist when I was 8 years old, don’t ask me why but I just loved the smell of the dental practice I used to go to. I now know that it was the clove essence used in dental materials that I fell in love with. what type of treatments I would be doing throughout the day. I enjoy doing all types of treatments from a check-up to a dental crown preparation. I especially enjoy Invisalign treatments and seeing the progress that my patients are making; it is great to see how I help them to get the smile they have always dreamed off.

What is your favourite thing about being a dentist?

My favorite thing about being a dentist is the interaction with my patients,I love to get to know them and hear about their interests. I also really enjoy working with my team as we get on very well; we work well together and this is fantastic as it makes our days very enjoyable. Being a dentist makes me happy.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a budding dentist?

I would advise them to get a great team to work with, during the week we spend more time at work than at home with the family. Our work team should be like part of our family.

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