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Interview with Dentist Dr Naveed Maan

What inspired you to get into dentistry?

It is science based and has a massive practical element to it, coupled with advancements in digital workflow the whole process of dentistry will be changing in future making it an extremely exciting place to be.

What is your typical day to day?

Get to work – coffee!

seeing patients for routine dentistry (which is very rewarding in itself) most of the day, but i will usually have one big case in which something really exciting will be planned – implant surgery, wisdom tooth surgery, sedation, or an aesthetic case.

What is your favourite thing about being a dentist?

I have 2 –

1. the smile on a patient’s face when we have exceeded their expectation with a great cosmetic and functional result.

2. oral surgery – getting the scalpel out and cutting things open as well as stitching things up.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a budding dentist?

Read, study, educate yourself and others…

It’s a constantly changing profession, one cannot be stagnant…

With knowledge will come a love for work, if you love it you won’t get bored.

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