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Keeping your teeth healthy at Christmas

I personally can’t believe another year is drawing to a close, and this whole year has zoomed by. December is one our of busiest months. Everybody wants to get party ready quickly and unfortunately scheduling dental appointments around all of December’s social events proves difficult. If you can’t make it down to see us here are five festive tips to keep your teeth in top check.

  • Be aware of mince pies, and Christmas pudding. Although keeping with festive traditions, these treats are full of dried fruit which have more sugar in them than the fruit fresh. For example, a cup of fresh cranberries has 4 grams of sugar in, but the same amount dried contain 70!!! Fruit doesn’t magically gain more sugar, but drying it out reduces the water volume, leaving glucose and fructose.
    mincen pies
  • Red wine. Delicious- yes. Easy to overindulge- yes. It is the festive season and we’re not complete Bah Humbugs! If you are having a daily tipple you may notice some staining by the new year. Try to reduce this effect by having water between drinks, or switching to white.
    red wine
  • We all overindulge in food and drink at Christmas and this is to completely be expected. However if you are partial to a cheeseboard you are in luck. When you eat something your mouth produces acids which cause decay and cheese can help to neutralise these acids. This is beneficial for your teeth, especially when copious amounts of Quality Street are consumed.
  • When all the days merge into one, try to keep a sense of routine, brushing and flossing so you are minty-ready for any mistletoe moments!
  • Christmas wrapping. Use. Scissors. Please don’t rip the tape between your teeth. You could end up completely chipping a tooth (no one likes a dental emergency on Christmas Eve) or wearing down several teeth if you are the designated Ronan Atkinson in your family.

Mr Bean Christmas

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