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Do you have a healthy smile?

What do you think about your smile?

Would you perhaps prefer brighter or less crooked teeth? You’re not alone! Research has found that seven out of 10 people admit that they are not happy with their smile. The reasons for this vary. It could be that they feel their teeth are too big, too small, gappy, chipped or yellowing teeth. Whatever the reason, dentists have heard it all before!

Another question you must ask yourself is, are my teeth healthy?

Although you may have an attractive smile, it is possible your teeth aren’t as healthy as you may think. Seven out of 10 people would not know how to answer this, because they have not visited the dentist or the hygienist in so long, and so are genuinely unaware of the state of their dental health.

It’s clear that people are more concerned about the way their teeth look than how healthy they are.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to change one or two things about ourselves in order to look more attractive. With your teeth however the sensible way to do it is by taking one step at a time, so lets start by having clean, healthy teeth and gums and then look into straighter, whiter beautiful smiles! After all, there’s no point building a beautiful castle in the middle of a rubbish dump, don’t you agree?

In the next 12 months I will write about dentistry from the basics of good oral hygiene to the very exciting techniques in teeth whitening and how to straighten your teeth with Invisalign©.

My next blog would be all about oral hygiene, what should you expect from a hygiene appointment, and what kind of things you should be told by the hygienist, knowing all this will help you to choose the right dental practice and practitioners to take care of your oral health

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